Gender Genesis

Gender Solutions?
So what are some possible solutions to the problems with gender?

First, recognize that race, ethnicity and gender are social
constructions. They are major factors in society, but change in
different times and different places.

Second, admit that if one group is being oppressed and is under-
privileged that by definition another group is over-privileged. Will
Kratt, a Caucasian male and educator who speaks on these
issues, says that the biggest solution for racism is for white
people to battle it. By the same token, sexism must be battled by

Third, realize that the concept of conscientizicación or
conciousness-raising is all-encompassing. What affects one of us
affects us all.

Fourth, realize that stereotypical images based on race/ethnicity,
class and sexuality solve the problems for no one.

Fifth, get involved. Get educated, help educate others, vote, train
your children, join an activist organization, or even just stop
laughing at racist and sexist jokes that you don’t find funny

For more information on dealing with issues of racism,
discrimination, sexism, personal responsibility and rights, ageism,
"victimless" crimes and other issues, go to
Five Basic Beliefs.